vendredi 2 janvier 2015

Might and Magic - Duel of Champions.....Game Cards !

2013 was the year I got the challenge of creating Cards for the Might and Magic – Duel of champions online game. This free to play game has players in duels each with a set of virtual cards. This involving 8 different factions from the brands universe. Each with their respective heroes, strengths…colored coded visual style.  Their was a reference bible and some characters had to design cohesively with the design of characters of the faction. So they're was mostly something to event in every shot. If not the characters, then the setting. The game cards represent characters just as much as events, environment, magic elements, curses  etc…The painterly style and the fantasy type universe was quite a challenge at first. My illustrations were initially ok at best. But I managed to improve upon them as I got to work on it for almost a year. Production time wasn’t especially generous either…so I had to pace up. In all, the thing to know when viewing these is that the cards had to be read / seen / understood at a small size (about the size of the preview here) but also appealing once fully blown.(About half the height of a TV Screen) In addition to this, game icons and descriptive banners where layered on top of the illustrations hiding most of you can see from the first one here. Thus, leaving the majority of the time only the upper part of the llustrations to be seen. Working with this cropped up template meant that I had to work my compositions so the cards important info was showcased  in this smaller frame, while the rest was still appealing for the times the cards were seen in full (without the layered icons.) A real challenge like I said. But one I would of enjoyed pushing further. Anyhow, here’s a first selection of these cards. More to come!

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