mardi 25 novembre 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity --- Companion App.

This November, Ubisoft Released the awaited Assassin's Creed Unity video game. On a short mandate, I was to design a series of French Revolutionists Characters as final Illustrations for the Companion Game playable on Ipad and smartphone. (The Companion game, done in Quebec City, in itself is meant to be played by a friend while one is playing the original console version. ) It has you choosing and hiring a limited set of Parisian Revolutionist Assassins then sending them off to invade / riot a part of the City. Thus, the directions were for me to design rebelious characters with poses, visual attributes that could label them to one the 4 categories: Attack , Stealth, Defense, and finally...Balanced. ( with energy-type bars showing how much they had of this) In addition, the characters had to feel believable in the brand, cool but generic enough not to overpower our assassin hero, while feeling they are actively part of the French Revolution setting. ( I worked in a color palette that references the obvious red, white and blue of the french flag. )No one under 18 or over 45. With 30 % of them being females. Oh...And most importantly, they had to read well in different formats ranging from super small on a smartphone to midsize on a tablet. (Never as big as the version I'm posting here. But hey, it more fun to see details, right? ) The characters poses thus had to emphasize strong recognizable silhouettes. And last but no least, the very small icon-like cropped up version of the characters showcasing their face had to read just as well and ideally present one of their 4 character attributes. Oh! and once chosen by the player,the characters would eventually be shown side by side. So The characters could not be cropped to the left or to the right. oufff... It was a rare opportunity for me to push character design in a more realistic style. Unfortunatly, I was quickly needed on an other mandate, thus stuck for time... and they ended up wanting 3 times more characters to choose from. So another illustrator was free to takeover ( and redid these in his style) All in all, it was great fun. Check out the game. It's free!

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Anonyme a dit…

Hey Alain, lovely character concepts you made for the Companion App :) By any chance, do you know who made the artwork that appears in the Companion App itself?