mercredi 30 octobre 2013

The Uncharted Tomb Raiders of the Lost Ark 2 !

En mélangeant toute les références du titre, j’ai concocté cette image typique Aventure qui a débuté comme un simple exercice de perspective. Mais en chemin, je me suis imposé quelques défi supplémentaires en m’essayant une ambiance, de la perspective atmosphérique, plus d’une source lumineuse, d’la texture de pierre mélangé à d’l’organique, de l’action, une impression de taille épique…et une suggestion narrative qui ressemblerait à un gameplay tiré d’un jeu. Oufff! Et surtout m’essayer pour une fois dans cette thématique. Jusqu’à l’infinie et au-delà. Bref, c’est fait. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just put all those references in a blender and see what kinda' cocktail you end up with... With a simple perspective exercise in mind I started this typical adventure type scene, mixing up some ideas… but with a few necessary challenges for me to learn in the process.I wanted mood, atmospheric perspective, multiple light sources, stone and organic texture, action, more epic scale...and a storyline that definitely sounds straight out of a video game. (added with some hints that there's some gameplay going on it the image. Hence: The two adventurers had to spin the Mayan dial from the ceiling to yank up the phallic pillar from the center that would rotate the dial in position to open the flaming mouths of the (Shadow-of-the-Colossus-like-ridiculous-complicated-booby-trap-menacing-) Templar-God-Statues. And by the time the adventurers would have swung from the now conveniently placed chain rope, to open the coffin and pillage its’ treasure…well shit happened.) Hell, "I want it all!" Said Freddie of the Queens. And I also wanted to finally try one out with this theme. Done!

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