lundi 15 novembre 2010

! Kick-ass-side-kicK !

La tyrannie tire à sa fin ! Hélas… Ces acolytes trop
souvent dans l’ombre des héros pompeux peuvent maintenant reprendre leur place.
Luigi, Milou et Pirlouit, quittez vos thérapeutes et sortez de votre trous pour
le spotlight. (une couverture de comics que j’ai réalisé par frustration
d’une vie d’être trop souvent le second.Geuh.... snif-Joie !)

This world is not one for second place. Our childhood heroes have learned that the hard way.Side-kicks have been left to the side….and kicking at garbage cans on the way to their shrink.Poor Luigi…euh….I mean Robin!
So: Batmans’ underachieving partner has been accidently transformed into a beast bursting with cumulated angst for being the wussy of the two for so many years.. Batman slipped a homemade sleeping pill into Robin’s coolaid….so he could go solo at the bar and get more chances. But Robin woke up oozy, bluish with his head tearing off the roof. He’s now on a spine-snapping rampage across town.
Here’s a comic page I drew up for the sake of it. Yeah!

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